Account and Login

Logging in to Multisim LiveCreating an NI user accountHow do I activate a Multisim Live Premium account?

  1. Select the Login button in the top right corner of the page.
  2. If you have an existing NI user account, enter your credentials. Your My Profile page on Multisim Live displays.
  3. If you do not have an existing NI user account, proceed to the section below.
  4. From the NI user account login page, press the Create Account link below the password field and follow the instructions that display.
  5. Check your email for a confirmation message from profile@ni.com.
  6. Follow the confirmation link in the email to activate your NI user account. If you do not receive a confirmation email in your inbox, check your junk mail folder. The confirmation email may have been inadvertently marked as "Junk" by the email application.
  7. Select Continue to be redirected to the login page.
  8. Login with your NI user account credentials.
  9. Navigate to www.multisim.com in your browser. You will be asked to update your profile settings. After this step, you will be redirected to your My Profile page on Multisim Live.

Multisim Live Premium activation and renewal details can be found on the following page: Activate Premium

I forgot my password, what should I do?

If you've forgotten your password, press the "Forgot Password?" link above the password box. A password reset email will be sent to the address entered in the email field.

Support and Feedback

I have an issue with my subscription, where can I get assistance?

Please contact us here.

I have an issue, where can I get assistance?

Create a post detailing your issue on the Support Forum to request assistance from the ni.com community.

Subscribers to the NI Standard Service Program will also have access to technical support from our Applications Engineers through phone and email. Visit ni.com/support to open a service request.

I have suggestions for the product, how do I submit feedback?

To submit feedback about the product or request new features, visit us on the Idea Exchange where you can chat with the development team about the product.

Which browsers or devices are supported?

Multisim Live supports the latest version of Google Chrome on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Mobile devices fully supported are: iPad Air or newer, iPad Mini Retina or newer, Google Nexus 7 and 9 and Microsoft Surface 3.

General Questions

What is Multisim?

NI Multisim is an electronic schematic capture and simulation program which is part of a suite of circuit design programs, along with NI Ultiboard. Multisim is one of the few circuit design programs to employ the original Berkeley SPICE based software simulation.

What is Multisim Live?

Multisim Live is a web-based electronic schematic capture and simulation tool with built-in SPICE based simulation. With Multisim Live, design and simulation will be available anywhere: at school, at work, at a coffee shop, even on mobile devices.

What's the difference between Multisim Live and Multisim?

Multisim is a part of Circuit Design Suite, a Windows-based schematic capture and simulation application. Multisim Live is a web-based schematic capture and simulation application that allows users to capture and simulate designs anywhere with an Internet connection.

Who makes Multisim?

Multisim and Multisim Live are developed by Digilent, an NI company.

How do I delete my account?

Send an email to customer.updates@ni.com.

What does it mean for a circuit to be “Private”?

Private circuits are not shown to other users in the Public Circuit pages. Users cannot see your Private circuits in your profile view. You will not be able to share your private circuits with others.

A handful of National Instruments employees have the ability to access your Private circuits if absolutely necessary in order to provide a quality experience with Multisim Live. If you would like to keep your circuits completely off the cloud, consider downloading your design to disk. Circuits that haven’t been saved will never be uploaded to the cloud and are never viewable by others.

How do I get a serial number?

Either from your school (if they have an Academic Site License) or from a purchased Multisim Desktop (if you have active SSP).

You can also purchase a subscription, in which case you don't need a serial number.