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Expanding the Multisim Experience

Multisim Live gives users a taste of Multisim (for desktop). It allows users to take the same simulation technology used in academic institutions and industrial research today, and use it anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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Create Circuit Schematics on any platform

Multisim Live offers a full schematic layout experience in browser. We have included a familiar interface from Multisim as well as a component library to ensure you can start capturing your design with no difficulty. The schematics created can be easily accessed or even shared from any supported browser.

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Interactive Circuit Simulation With No Installation

Test the behavior of a circuit, demonstrate the application of a design, or illustrate concepts to students. With Multisim Live you can easily share interactive simulations with no need to install any application software.

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Same Industry-Standard SPICE Simulation

Multisim has been a key tool in laboratories around the world, providing a pedagogical environment powered by industry standard SPICE for visualizing circuit behavior. With Multisim Live, you have a path of discovery in electronics built with the feedback of educators, students and researchers from around the world.

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Share Your Circuit Brilliance

Share your designs or explore circuits created by others, all within the Multisim Live community. Multisim Live circuits can be kept private, shared with a specific group, or shared widely with a public web link.

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Complete Circuits Teaching Solution

The NI circuits teaching solution includes software, hardware, and course material that covers analog, digital and power electronics. Multisim Live in combination with Multisim (for desktop), Analog Discovery and NI ELVIS enables any students to build their engineering intuition whether in the classroom, or the engineering laboratory.

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New Features All the Time

Get the latest and greatest features instantly! With Multisim Live there is no need to update, upgrade, or reinstall; all updates are seamlessly applied to your account and designs.


Stream Circuit Simulation from Multisim Live to Measurements Live

With the launch of Multisim Live and Measurements Live, NI offers a new approach to hands-on learning by helping you bridge the gap between theory and the real world. You can simulate the theoretical concepts in Multisim Live, prototype the actual circuit with NI ELVIS III, and compare the simulation with real-world measurements inside the Measurements Live environment using the NI ELVIS III Oscilloscope.

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