Get Started

Create first circuit

Create your first Multisim Live circuit - RC filter

  • Create an account and sign in
  • Start a new design with the Create Circuit button

Place components

Place components for an RC filter

  • AC Voltage Source
  • Resistor
  • Capacitor
Complete your circuit

Complete your circuit

  • Add a ground to your circuit
  • Wire components by clicking on component ends
Set circuit parameters

Set your circuit parameters to achieve the desired filtering

  • Change capacitor value by clicking on 1 uF and changing it to 1 nF
Run AC sweep

Run an AC Sweep simulation to see the filter's response

  • Place voltage probes for your input and output
  • Select AC Sweep simulation
  • Run simulation
View simulation results

View simulation results

  • View Grapher
  • Toggle between views to reference your schematic
Save your project

Save your project

  • Name and save your circuit by clicking the File menu
  • Once saved, the URL of your circuit can be used to share your circuit

Collaborate with a community

  • Create a group from the Groups page
  • Add group members
Add circuits to your group

Add circuits to your group

  • Select a circuit from your My Circuits page
  • Click the Share button