Activating or Renewing Multisim Live for University Affiliates

This page contains recommendations for activating or upgrading Multisim Live Premium for students, educators, and researchers. If you do not fit in these categories please return to the previous page.

Finding and renewing your serial number

There are two main methods for accessing Multisim serial numbers as a university affiliate: through the university's site license or through individual educational licenses. If you are not sure which one applies, ask your software administrator for guidance.

Academic Site License

Academic site licenses are the most common for accessing Multisim on a school campus. They provide access to Multisim Live Premium to the largest number of individuals.


Access Multisim Live Premium by entering your university provided serial number into the Multisim serial number field in your account settings. This serial number will be provided to you on either your university software site or through the university software administrator. A single serial number will be provided for all students.


Your serial numbers will be shipped to the software administrator and will be unique per person. These serial numbers can be found on the DVD that was shipped with the site license. For more information on where to find the serial number, see this helpful document.


If your software indicates that it is expiring soon, contact your school software administrator. He or she is responsible for renewing academic site licenses and can do so by contacting the local NI representative. Students will need to enter a new serial number after renewal; however, lab and instructor licenses will continue to use the previous serial number.

Multisim Included in Textbook

If you have purchased a textbook that includes a copy of Multisim, your serial number can be found on the DVD sleeve included in the back of the textbook. See this document for more information.

Individual Educational License

If you have Multisim Student Edition, your serial number has been emailed to you by the vendor from which you purchased Multisim. Check your email for the serial number or contact the vendor for more information. You can find a list of vendors at this site.

If you have individual seats of Multisim Education Edition, your serial number will be located on the DVD sleeve which was shipped to you. More information can be found at this helpful document.

The standard service contract for an individual seat of Multisim Education edition can be renewed by visiting this site. Once renewed, the previous serial number can be reused to activate Multisim Live Premium.