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Brushless DC machine hall

This component is the same as the Brushless DC machine, except that it has additional Hall Sensor and back-EMF-voltage outputs available. 

The following depicts the hall sensor signals with respect to the electrical angle and the phase-to-phase back-EMF voltages. 

brushless dc machine hall



θe = electrical angle
θm = mechanical angle
P = number of rotor pole pairs

Additional Connections

Connection Description
Ha Hall sensor A signal.
Hb Hall sensor B signal.
Hc Hall sensor C signal.
Ea, Eb, Ec Measurement pins for the back-EMF voltages. These are values of voltage sources Va, Vb, and Vc in the figure above.

This component should only be used in transient-type simulations where Initial conditions are set to User defined.

Simulation and parameter information is the same as the Brushless DC machine model.