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Sharing your circuits on forums and web pages

You can share your circuits on a forum or other web page by embedding linked images or simulatable circuits

Embedding linked images

multisim circuit details

Do the following to embed linked images of a circuit. Depending on the rules of the website you are posting to, you can use HTML markup, markdown, and image URLs. 

  1. Click embed link from the circuit's details page.
    The Embed Linked Image dialog box displays. 
  2. Click one of the following to select a link style:
    HTML - to display HTML markup code.
    Markdown - to display markdown code. This must be supported by the web page. 
    Image URL - to display a URL for the image.
  3. Click Copy text. 
  4. Paste the link into a web page using its supplied tools. 
  5. Click on the image that appears to go to the circuit's details page in Multisim Live.

Embedding simulatable circuits 

inverting opamp

Do the following to embed a simulatable circuit. The web page must support IFrame. For optimal performance, do not embed more than one simulatable circuit on a web page. 

  1. Click share embeddable from the circuit's details page.
    The Embed Circuit dialog box displays. 
  2. Click Copy text.
  3. Paste the link into the web page using its supplied tools. 
    An embedded version of Multisim Live, similar to the following, appears on the web page.
    embedded circuit
  4. Click run button in the embedded circuit to simulate.
    Results display in the Grapher. 
    Tip: If the Grapher does not display, click grapher button.

The embedded version of Multisim supports a subset of Multisim Live's features. For more functionality, click on the circuit name (Inverting Opamp in the above example) to go the the circuit's details page, and open the circuit.