Configurable transformer

This section applies to all configurable transformer components with the NPMS naming convention. N represents the number of coils on the primary side and M represents the number of coils on the secondary. For reference, the 2P2S configuration is used throughout this section.

The figure below shows the component’s symbol: 

configurable transformer

The primary coils (1) are numbered from the top down, as are the secondary coils (2). The dots on the symbol windings are polarity markers. When current enters the dotted terminal of a coil, the polarity of the mutual voltage in the second coil is positive at its dotted terminal. 

You can change the number of turns in the primary and secondary windings by selecting the component and viewing its properties. You can also reverse the polarity of any of the windings from the component's properties. The polarity of each coil is represented by the o symbol.