Searching the palette

The palette contains components and objects such as probes and connectors. 

  1. Tap search search palette at the top of the palette and type a string into the search field that appears.
    Matches appear as you type. 

  2. Tap a result and tap again to place it on the schematic.

Tip. Add more terms to refine your search. Results appear in descending order of relevance. 

If you have a premium account, object names, model names, package names and descriptions are searched. 

The search functionality for users with free accounts is limited to searching the names of components and other objects.

The following shows sample results of the search string "diode", for a premium user. Actual results may vary due to database updates. 

search palette

Tap the arrow beside a result to see more information about it, for example BZB84-B6V2, shown below.

diode details

The More Button 

Most subpalettes contain a More button, for example, in the Sources subpalette. Tap this to populate the search as shown in the example below. 

more sources

Many subpalettes also contain folders. These folders may also contain a More button. 

For example the NPN subpalette has an NPN... folder. If you open this folder, you will see a More button. 

The More button is only available for premium account holders.