Placing components and other objects


The palette contains components and objects such as probes and connectors. 

component palette

The default object for each subpalette is pictured on the palette.

Drag to place the default object.


Tap a subpalette to show more choices. For example, when you tap Electromechanical, the following displays:

components electromechanical

Icons with a folder, for example Sensors, shown above, contain more objects. 

components sensors

Drag the desired object to the schematic and release.


Tap the desired object and then tap again in the desired schematic location to place it.

place resolver

See Searching the palette for more information. 

Placing multiple component instances 

Drag from the Duplicate button of a placed component.


Tap the Duplicate button and then tap again in the desired schematic location to place it. 

copy component

Placing components with inline pins

You can drop a component with inline pins directly onto a wire. 

place two pinned component

Rotating and flipping components

During component duplicate or placement, keyboard users can use Shift + R or Shift + M to rotate the component 90o, or to flip/mirror it. 

Touch device users can use the context toolbar that appears during component duplicate or placement.

context toolbar

After a component is placed, you can use the rotate or flip buttons that appear when it is selected. 

Refer to Buttons for more information. 

Placing a text annotation

Tap Probes and Annotations then Text Annotation.

text annotation

New text label... appears on the cursor. Tap to place it on the design. 

new text label

Tap New text label... to display the Text edit box, and enter the desired text.

text edit box

text edit box example

Tap outside of the text box.