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Several probes are available in the Analysis and annotation bin of the Component palette:

  • Voltage - Place on a wire to measure the voltage difference between either ground, or a selected Voltage Reference probe. 
  • Current - Place on a wire to measure the current flow at that point. 
  • Voltage and Current - Measures both voltage and current where placed. Voltage is with respect to ground or a selected Voltage Reference probe.
  • Voltage Reference - Place on a wire to use as an alternative to ground. For example, to read the voltage difference across a resistor, place a Voltage probe on one side of the resistor and a Voltage Reference probe on the other side. In the Probe type settings in the right configuration pane, select this probe under Voltage reference. 

You must place at least one probe to run a simulation

To edit properties, double-tap on a placed probe to open the Configuration pane.