Stepper 2 phase

This component models a two-phase bipolar stepper motor. It is suitable for representing permanent magnet and hybrid (permanent magnet and variable reluctance) stepper motors but not pure variable reluctance stepper motors. 

Connection Description
A+, A-, B+, B- The three-phase connection to the stator, as shown in the representation of the component’s electrical system.
Ea, Eb Back-EMF voltage connections.
omega (shaft coming out of machine) Mechanical connection to the shaft. The voltage represents the mechanical angular speed in rad/s. You can attach mechanical loads, sensors, or motion controllers to the motor through this pin. An external load may also be applied using appropriately connected voltage/current sources.
θ (theta) Shaft angle.
Te Measurement pin for the electromagnetic torque in N•m.

This component should only be used in transient-type simulations where Initial conditions are set to User defined.   

See Stepper 2 phase model for simulation and parameter information.