Interactive components

The state and certain values of a number of components can be changed on the schematic before simulation, or "on-the-fly" during interactive or transient simulation. 

You can interact directly with these components, or via the configuration pane. 

To open the configuration pane, select the component and press settingsbutton.png.

Interactive components include:

  • Switches 
  • Most sources 
  • RLC components - resistors, inductors, capacitors. 

Changing state in switches

Select the switch and tap or click interactive toggle button to toggle it open and closed.

You can also select the switch and tap or click State in the configuration pane to toggle it open and closed.

Changing values

In the example below, you can change the voltage (5V) and the frequency (1kHz) interactively using the slider or the magnitude adjustment controls. 

clock voltage source

interactive component value

Tap or click on a value (for example, 5V, above) and drag the slider slider1.png to select a new value. As the slider moves, the change is reflected in the value's field on the symbol, and the configuration pane (if open). 

If available on the selected component, tap or click the x10 magnitude adjustment control x10.png once to increase the value by a factor of 10. 

If available on the selected component, tap or click the x0.1 magnitude adjustment control x0.1.png once to decrease the value by a factor of 0.1. 

Pressing and holding either magnitude adjustment control applies continuous adjustments to the value.

Alternately, select the value and edit it directly in the slider:

interactive component direct edit

You can also enter the new value directly in the configuration pane.