Expression plotter functions

The following are supported in the expression plotter.


Function Description
+ plus
- minus
* multiply
/ divide
^ exponent (to the power of)
% modulus
atan(x) trigonometric inverse tangent (in radians)
abs(x) absolute value of x
cos(x) trigonometric cosine (in radians)
exp(x) e raised to the power of x
imag(x) imaginary component of a complex value
log(x) logarithm (base 10)
ln(x) natural logarithm (base e)
real(x) real component of a complex value
sgn(x) sign of x, that is,
1 (if x > 0)
0 (if x = 0)
-1 (if x < 0)
sin(x) trigonometric sine (in radians)
sqrt(x) square root of x
tan(x) trigonometric tangent (in radians)


Contant Description
boltz Boltzman's constant
c speed of light in vacuum
e natural logarithm base
echarge fundamental charge
i square root of -1
kelvin absolute zero
pi pi
planck Planck's constant