DC operating point

This calculates the DC operating point, also known as the bias point, of a circuit. This is the steady-state voltage or current at a specified pin of an active device with no input signal applied. 

This topic uses the following circuit (CE amplifier).

You can build this circuit, or make a copy of it from the Help Circuits user group. This is a closed group. You can open and copy the circuits in this group, but you cannot join it.

dc operating point point sample

When you run a DC operating point simulation, the results appear on the probes.

dc operating point results probe

You can also tap grapher to switch to the grapher. 

dc operating point results table

Tap configuration to open the configuration pane. For DC operating point simulation, this contains a Plots section. You can also double-tap on the grapher. 

dc operating point results plots


Use this section to show or hide results on the grapher. In the example below, both PR1 and PR2 are selected. 

To hide a result, deselect its checkbox.

dc operating point results plots