Simulating a design

This shows you how to simulate the circuit from Creating a design.

Place probes

To run a simulation, you must place at least one probe.

  1. Drag a voltage probe from the palette and place as shown below. 
    tutorial place voltage probe

  2. Place a second probe.
    tutorial place second probe

Select and run simulation

  1. Select Transient from the toolbar.
    tutorial select transient

  2. Tap run button in the toolbar. 
    For transient simulation, the view switches to the grapher

  3. Tap configuration button in the toolbar to open the configuration pane. 

    You can also double-tap on the grapher.

  4. Use the Plots and Axes sections to manipulate the grapher as desired.
    Refer to Transient simulation for details.
    tutorial transient properties
  5. Switch the simulation type to AC Sweep and tap run button.
    tutorial ac result
    Available settings in the configuration pane have changed.
    Refer to AC sweep for details.